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What is a “Fragile Only” Moving Job?

If you’re planning a move in Kansas City, ¬†you deserve to know what moving options are available to you. At Century Van Lines, we offer a variety of services, including a fragile only moving jobs. In this article, we’ll look at what that means. What is “Fragile Only”? If you’ve been through a move with…Read More

Moving to Kansas City With Kids: How to Make It Fun

When moving with kids, it can seem like an overwhelming task before it even begins. Any parent can start to dread the move months in advance. However, you don’t have to! Moving to a new city, Kansas City for example, doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By making the move fun, both you and your…Read More

Preparing Your Move to Kansas City: What to Expect

Moving to Kansas City can have its perks. This city has history, culture, and a growing community of the arts. So, as you’re getting ready to move to this big metropolis, you should know HOW to actually move here. The team at Century Van Lines decided we’d use this month’s blog post to discuss the…Read More