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Commercial Moving Service

Commercial Moving Service Leavenworth, KSBusiness moves can be a logistical nightmare. Whether you’re opening a new location, closing an office, acquiring another company, or simply just packing up and moving somewhere different, the process can be complicated and arduous. But with Century Van Lines as your commercial moving company and corporate relocation experts, you can get to your new location on time, on budget, and without trouble.

Logistical challenges

The logistics involved in commercial moves are staggering. For a simple office move, not only do you need to transfer basic items like furniture and cubicles, but you might also have to worry about your files, computers, or equipment. Things get more complicated when you’re moving a warehouse or plant. If you’re going a great distance, then you might be taking a number of employees with you. And what happens if you want to keep operations running during the transfer?

Careful Planning

At Century Van Lines, our commercial movers have years of experience. We’ll work with your team to develop a plan that fits in with your priorities and timeline. Our trusted office movers will be sure to analyze the project requirements and all available options, ultimately creating a moving strategy that minimizes downtime, cost and stress. As we plan, we’ll meet with the heads of all departments involved, determine and prioritize the requirements of the move, develop an outline and present it to you with various suggestions and alternative options.

Our Services

Our office moving company will do as much as possible to help the transition go smoothly for your business. Our services include:

  • Disassembly and reassembly of furniture and cubicles
  • Office packing and unpacking
  • Moving libraries and collections
  • Disposal/sale of unwanted equipment.

That’s on top of the transportation required to get your company from one location to another. We can help you transfer from coast to coast or even overseas—let our office movers handle the move.

Get Started

At Century Van Lines commercial movers, we believe in providing the best service possible for the best price. Our office moving company can help you get from one place to another with professionalism, courtesy and efficiency, while protecting the core of your business. Contact our office movers today at 913-651-3600 for help with a business move.

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