Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City

Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City: A Step by Step 101 Guide to Warehouse Relocation

Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City: A Step by Step 101 Guide to Warehouse Relocation

Let us clarify one thing from the outset: there is no getting around the fact that commercial relocation is difficult. Even before the moving process begins, it can be challenging to find a new location for your equipment. Once you’ve located a new location, you’ll need to dismantle the equipment, arrange your inventory, pack everything, move the items, and reinstall the equipment—all the while keeping your staff members busy and organized with a well-thought-out personnel plan.

Despite the fact that moving a warehouse is difficult and complex, there are a few things you can do to simplify the process with a commercial moving company in Kansas City.

Because of this, the best practices for warehouse relocation are the main topic of this article. And after reading this post, if you still have any questions, get in touch with Century Van Lines, a top moving company in Kansas City. Being one of the best warehouse moving companies in the state, we can assist you in organizing your move so that total chaos is avoided.


Answers to Some Crucial Questions for Warehouse Relocation

You and your team should ask yourself and your team a few important questions early on in the process. Knowing the answers will help you get organized and create a thorough moving plan.

Before beginning the warehouse relocation process, you should find the answers to the following important questions:

  • What advantages does the relocation offer my company?
  • Who should be informed about the move?
  • What role do my teammates have in the moving process?
  • Will I have to stop doing business as usual in order to follow the procedure? If so, for what duration?
  • Moving the outdated equipment will save money, or is it better to liquidate it and start over?
  • Will there be adequate room for the equipment and inventory at the new location?
  • Will there be enough room for the business to expand?


A Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City Plans Each Phase of Your Move

Before you begin the moving process with Century Vans, a moving company in Kansas City, you need to arrange the following three major phases. Experienced warehouse movers will typically suggest including these three stages in your relocation plan to simplify things:

  • Dismantling of equipment
  • Moving the equipment around
  • Setting up the apparatus at the new location


Dismantling of Equipment

In actuality, the majority of the equipment in your warehouse has most likely been there for years. Prior to anything else, you need to make sure you can arrange everything for convenient transportation, examine each component, and evaluate its state.

Next, decide if you want to handle the dismantling yourself or hire movers from warehouse moving companies to do it for you.

Most of the time, your employees are incompetent or work more slowly than you would like. Before choosing, we advise you to weigh your options.


Moving the Equipment

Century Van Lines, a commercial moving company in Kansas City, will tell you that this is the most difficult part. Large equipment may require specialized vehicles and tools, and obtaining them can be expensive, particularly if you choose to do it yourself. Are you able to rent these tools, or do you own them? Does anyone on your team possess the necessary licenses and permits to run these machines and complete the job safely?

Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City

Setting Up the Equipment at the New Site

Reassembling your equipment after unloading it can be difficult and time-consuming. It is likely that you will require outside assistance. To make sure everything goes as planned, it might be a wise idea to hire a commercial moving company in Kansas City.


Warehouse Moving: A Step-by-Step Guide

You can move on to the next phase of your relocation with Century Van Lines, a top moving company in Kansas City, now that the planning stage is complete. Here are our top ten easy steps that will greatly assist you in clearing out the warehouse and transportation options:


Plan the Equipment Relocation

You should schedule your transportation and move your warehouse as soon as possible with Century Van Lines, a premier commercial moving company in Kansas City. The entire process will be logistically challenging, so you’ll want to make sure the moving company has availability and can complete the move at the time of your choice.


Check Your Inventory

Moving your inventory might be simpler for you than moving the warehouse equipment, but you still need to plan ahead for this. After unloading, it should be perfectly organized so you can start working again right away.


Check Work Schedules

Your warehouse employees will most likely assist with packing and the actual move, but you also want to make sure they have all the information they need regarding equipment breakdowns, downtime, loading and unloading, and installation.


Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City

Examine the New Location’s Layout in More Detail

Examining the new location in detail before moving with Century Van Lines, a commercial moving company in Kansas City, is also essential when organizing a warehouse relocation. Effectively arranging your equipment to maintain maximum productivity and minimize needless stress is essential for a smooth transition. Examine the locations of the walls, supports, hookups, and available space to determine the best way to install all the equipment.


Make a Plan

It is one thing to plan the relocation tasks around the transportation and warehouse schedule. You should evaluate the new warehouse to see if it offers enough space for your business to expand. The new warehouse must support your goals, especially if you intend to grow your company.


Inform Your Customers and Vendors That You’re Relocating

You don’t want your vendors and customers to show up at the old location, so let them know that your warehouse has moved. Spread the word and make sure your address and phone number are current in every listing you appear in for a business.


Find Out the Details of the New Location

The new warehouse, like any place, is likely to have some unique features and peculiarities that you’ll need to commit to memory. Make sure you have all the information you (and your team) require:

  • Important sites and door procedures
  • Internet access information and security codes
  • Options for employee and visitor parking
  • Dismantle the Equipment

After completing all of the planning and assessment, it’s time to start the heavy lifting. Allow a few days at least for the dismantling process, and when it’s finished, load everything onto the moving vehicles with Century Van Lines, a permier commercial moving company in Kansas City.

Here, timing is everything. Packing up too soon means you’ll miss out on lost business and productivity; while packing up too late means you might not be prepared to move on the scheduled date.


Set Up the Equipment at the New Site

When the equipment is delivered, it’s time to install it and arrange everything properly. Make sure that everything is back in working order as soon as possible to prevent any loss of business; however, take your time so as not to miss anything. Take extra caution when dealing with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) citations and workplace injuries.



Return to Expanding Your Enterprise

You’re now finished moving! Thanks to the help of Century Van Lines, a corporate moving company in Kansas City, you can get back to your regular business. Give yourself a pat on the back because, especially if you followed this guide, you did a professional job at handling the difficult task of moving an entire warehouse.

However, moving for business with Century Van Lines – a corporate moving company in Kansas City, it’s easy to be overburdened and perplexed. You can always get in touch with a commercial moving company in Kansas City for assistance if you ever feel that moving to a new, better warehouse is too much of a hassle.

Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City

Embarking on a move can feel like stepping into the unknown, but with Century Van Lines, a Kansas City moving company, you’re in safe hands. We bring over 40 years of experience to the table, and whether it’s a corporate or commercial moving company in Kansas City that you need, perhaps local or interstate, we’ve got the chops to make your transition smooth and stress-free.

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  Commercial Moving Company in Kansas City


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