Frequently Asked Questions

We serve the greater Kansas City metro area and some surrounding communities. From our base of operations in Leavenworth, Kansas, we can move families and businesses from anywhere in this service area to anywhere in the world.

The cost of each move varies, because we customize each move to meet our customer’s needs. Your moving cost is a function of how much you want us to move, how far we will move it, and what services you wish for us to provide. We offer free quotes: simply click the “Get a Quote” button on any page of our website, or call us at: tel: +1913.651.3600.

Century Van Lines needs to receive payment for moving services before we unload your goods at your destination.

Century Van Lines is proud to accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, Purchase order, and Cash.

We have over 40 years of experience moving families. Our moving professionals are very good at forecasting how long it will take to complete a move and when we will arrive at your destination. We will provide you an interval of time within which you can expect us to arrive. It is exceptionally rare that we miss a delivery timeframe. Most delays are weather-related. While enroute, our driver will be in contact with you to confirm the arrival time and date.

Our moving crews stay in contact with Century Van Lines headquarters personnel. If the potential for inclement weather exists, the crew will communicate with the headquarters team. We emphasize safety for you, your belongings, and our crews. The move will proceed as long as the crew deems it safe. If the Century Van Lines team determines it is unsafe to continue a move, you will not be charged for the wait time. If you ask the crew to delay the move, you will be charged for the wait time. Our advice is to trust the experience and judgment of your crew on all matters related to your move, including weather.

Our crews are professional and experienced, and they know how to complete moves with the greatest of care. We will cover door jams and floors as needed to make sure we leave your home just as we found it.

Definitely! Before we can, you will need to make sure they are disconnected from water, power, and/or natural gas lines (we are unable to disconnect appliances for liability reasons). Also make sure washing machines are empty and drained. If you are shipping a front load washing machine, you will need to provide washer locks/bolts. Empty refrigerators and freezers, ideally a few days in advance, as we cannot move them if they have food in them. We can position them in place at your destination, but you will need to have them connected.

We can move all of these things, as long as you dismount them from the wall in advance. For example, disconnect and dismount your flat screen TV from the wall if you want our crew to pack and load it.

We can! You just need to disassemble outside items such as playground sets, patio swings, play houses, or trampolines before we can pack and load them.

As long as the fuel and oil has been drained from motorized equipment, we can move it. We are happy to move your gas grill, but we cannot ship a propane tank. For charcoal grills, make sure they are empty of ashes at least 24 hours before move day.

There are. Money, jewelry, valuable such as coin collections, prescription medications, firearms, important documents, and other valuables. All of these things you should secure in another location before moving day, and plan to hand carry them yourself to your destination.

Yes, as long as it is unlocked and empty.

In our experience, it is much better to not have your pets on the premises during the move. Pets that are not crated or in a secure location can get underfoot and sustain injuries to themselves and cause accidents. It’s best for everyone to keep your pets away from the move.

We are unable to move items that are potentially combustible, corrosive, flammable, or toxic. This includes, but is not limited to, cleaning supplies, paints, toiletries, aerosols, and perfumes. We also cannot move dry or canned foods that have been opened. Propane tanks and even candles are other items we are unable to move.

We give you options. Most frequently, we’ll wrap a mattress with moving pads and load it. However, for a small additional cost, we can provide a plastic bag, or for slightly more, a mattress carton.

Century Van Lines crews will take 30-minute lunch breaks, during which you are not charged. There are also two, 15-minute breaks built into the workday, for which you are charged.

While rare, sometimes goods are damaged during a move. The default payment when we are liable for damage is $.60 per pound. As an option, we offer various levels of valuation coverage up to full replacement valuation. Ask your Century Van Lines representative for details.

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