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Specialized Shipment Preparation

Shipment Preparation Leavenworth, KSWhile Century Van Lines welcomes the last minute storage and moving needs of all of our customers, we also see the benefit of offering pre-moving services such as specialized shipment preparation. Because certain items are not as easy to relocate as others, we like to offer our customers assistance in getting large, fragile, or awkwardly shaped items ready before moving day. The following commonly asked questions may help you in determining whether or not you need assistance in preparing to store or transport any of your items.

What Items Need Special Preparation?

With our experience in the moving and storage industry, we have encountered many common items over the years which generally require special shipment or transportation preparation before they can be safely relocated. Keeping your belongings safe in the process of moving speciality items often requires us to disassemble, service, or otherwise prepare your items for transport. This following general list has come to include some of the most common items that need pre-move attention:

• Washing machines and dryers
• Refrigerators
• Computers and electronic equipment
• Ceiling fans and chandeliers
• Large shelving units
• Exercise equipment
• Large or antique furniture
• Classic or collectable cars.

How Can I Determine Which Items Need Pre-Move Servicing?

In household, business, and international moves, we want our clients to have the most pleasant experience possible. If you are unsure whether or not one or more of your belongings need special preparations before being transported, our relocation consultants are available to help you determine what items need advanced servicing and which can be handled on the day of your move. With pre-move preparations in place, moving day is made easier and more efficient.

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Whether you need assistance disassembling items that need specialized shipment preparation or simply have questions regarding which of your belongings requires pre-move attention, we invite you to contact us, Century Van Lines, at 913-651-3600 for more information about simplifying your storage or relocation endeavors.

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