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Plan Your Move

Plan Your Move Leavenworth, KSCentury Van Lines Moving and Storage is committed to ensuring that your moving experience exceeds your expectations. The success of your move depends on a strong partnership and a good planning process. It is our pleasure to share our library of planning materials, checklists and helpful internet links. We hope that you will take advantage of these resources and then tell others about your experience with Century Van Lines Moving and Storage. Additionally, Century Van Lines proudly offers other special services including Concierge Services (Benevia)Move Management Services (AliaWorks) and Portable Self Storage (PortaBox).

Anyone who has managed a home or business moving project in the past is likely to tell you that the relocation process tends to become complicated quickly. From keeping track of all of your belongings with a moving checklist, to coordinating transportation, the smallest missed detail can be a mover’s worst nightmare. At Century Van Lines, our years of experience with the packing and relocation process have taught us that creating a detailed moving plan well before the day of the move tends to make the process much less complicated.

Establish a Game Plan

When working with our experienced movers and packers at Century Van Lines, our ideal scenario is to sit down with you in advance to begin creating a general plan. This allows us to establish goals for your move, and it allows you to rest at ease during the sometimes stressful moving process. A few things to go over in your planning session might be:

• Key contacts such as homeowners, department heads, or business managers
• The requirements you need met through each phase of the process
• Any items that may need specialized shipment preparation.

Coordinate the Details

Once goals have been set and needs have been determined, our team simplifies the process as we work out a detailed moving planner with a timetable of events, set transportation and coordinate your move with key figures involved. While we manage the task of putting all of the pieces together, we also welcome your input to help us create a more fitting plan. In completing your moving plan and packing list, we will also be sure to present a variety of options and alternatives that will allow you to customize your move to meet your specific needs.

Get Started Today

Whether you are relocating to a new home, or transferring your business to a different location, our experienced team can handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. Contact us at 913-651-3600 to allow Century Van Lines to show you how we can elevate your moving experience with a well-thought-out moving plan.

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