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What to Pack for Moving

Custom Cartons Leavenworth, KSAs you gather your belongings to transfer them to a new location, keeping track of what you have, where it is located and where it needs to go can be a difficult task for an unorganized individual. At Century Van Lines, our experience in the moving and storage industries has given us a chance to learn the best packing tips and tricks in the business. If you are preparing for an upcoming move or storage endeavor, we believe that creating a packing list checklist is a great place to start.

Packing for a Move

As you prepare to relocate your belongings, implementing an organized strategy is essential to creating the most efficient and effective end result. With our help, an all-inclusive packing list can help you to keep track of key items, like crates and moving boxes, that need to be transported. If you feel you are unorganized, our simple tips for moving can help keep your efforts under better control. When you know where everything is and where it is going, you save yourself a lot of the time and stress which are typically associated with moving.

Items to include on your list might be:

• Details about what is inside particular boxes, crates and cartons
• The location of fragile or valuable objects
• A list detailing where each box, bin, or item should end up.

Packing for Storage

Whether you are in a stage of transition, or simply have some extra belongings sitting around your home or office creating clutter, it may be time for you to consider your storage options. As you search for effective packing tips, our storage solutions may be just the answer you have been looking for. A packing list helps you to choose the best moving boxes and packing supplies, which are crucial to making your items fit in the limited space you have available.

Learn From an Expert Packer Today

Once you have safely stored or moved your items, your packing list will continue to serve as a reference, helping you keep track of where your items are located for easy retrieval later on. For more Century Van Lines expert packing tips and advice, please give us a call at 913-651-3600.

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