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Woman Moving Into New HomeMoving to a new state should be an exciting time in your life, but without a solid plan and the help of an experienced and knowledgeable moving and storage company, your out-of-state move can turn into an out-of-your-mind nightmare. Century Van Lines is here to help ensure your move to or from St. Joe is a pleasant and simple one. Don’t hesitate to let our movers in St. Joe know how they can better serve you. We have compiled a few tips to help ensure your big move is a successful one.

Out-of-State Moving Success

We want to help you out however we can. For long distance moves, we recommend you follow these simple moving and packing tips:

  • List all of your accounts that you will need to update the address for and do so before the move so that you do not miss any important letters or bills. Make sure that you transfer your utilities to St. Joe utilities before you move.
  • Take your car to a trusted auto shop for a tune-up. Tell the mechanic that you are moving long distance so that they can perform a road safety check.
  • Be sure that your car emergency kit is stocked with a flashlight, replacement oil, windshield fluid, jumper cables and flares.
  • Update all of your insurance policies, especially your auto insurance in case something happens while you are on the road.
  • While you are calling our moving and storage company for an estimate of your move, call up your veterinarian if you have pets so that they can get their shots and vaccinations if necessary.

Our movers in St. Joe are more than happy to assist you with any details of your move that you aren’t sure of. Our goal is to take all of the stress and frustration out of your move.

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Century Van Lines is a trusted and well experienced moving and storage company that can handle your packing, crating and storage needs. Contact our movers in St. Joe by calling 913-651-3600.

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