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Moving Storage Services

warehouse Leavenworth, KSWhether you’re looking for moving storage, downsizing to a smaller home or office, or simply need storage units to keep your belongings in, Century Van Lines can help out. Our full service storage is flexible, cost-effective, and convenient, no matter what you need to store.

Our Facilities

Century provides reliable storage solutions for both residential and commercial needs, and our clean storage units have plenty of space for your stuff. With our military-approved modern facilities, we can even handle moving storage for government employees and members of the armed forces. Our warehouses are secure, with limited access, advanced security systems and quality fire control equipment. We assure the safety of all items that you entrust to our care.

Full Service Residential Storage

Our full service storage is excellent for individuals and families who need moving storage or somewhere to put their belongings for the short or long term. All furniture and belongings are carefully catalogued and wrapped up before being stored in our heated and secure warehouse. They’ll wait there until you need them, whether it’s weeks, months, or even years later. If you’d like, we can also help you move your items to and from the warehouse, helping you pack and unpack anything you put into storage.

Commercial Storage

We also offer commercial storage services. If you’re moving your business, or simply don’t have space for less-used items (such as trade show exhibits or excess furniture), our storage company can provide you a place to keep it. Our facilities are secure, clean, and safe, so that you can be sure your assets are protected.

Century Van Lines has been in the moving and storage business for over 30 years, and we’re always ready and willing to help. Contact us at 913-651-3600 for an affordable and reliable full service storage company.

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Century Van Lines is proud to be recognized by the American Moving & Storage Association as a ProMover.
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Our ProMover Certification
Century Van Lines is proud to be recognized by the American Moving & Storage Association as a International Association of Movers.
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