#1 Long Distance Moving Company in Kansas Carefully Moves Pianos

#1 Long Distance Moving Company in Kansas Carefully Moves Pianos—You wish to take your piano with you to your new house without hiring an expert might not be a good idea, especially if you need a long distance moving company in Kansas City to help with a far away move. It may even have sentimental value and is both pricey and delicate at the same time. It is both delicate and heavy.


It’s important to consider the health of both you and your assistants, as lifting heavy objects is not an easy task. You may want to rethink your audacious choice to handle it alone after considering all of this. What if you actually hired movers with experience? If not, consider these moving piano moving tips and tricks.

Examine the strategy and acquire the necessary people or get a long distance moving company in Kansas City.

The kind and dimensions of your piano will determine how many people you’ll need.

The piano comes in two main varieties.

  • Smaller upright pianos have vertical soundboards. This type is the most prevalent and is frequently seen in parlors or living rooms. While large upright pianos can weigh up to 800 pounds, small upright pianos typically weigh 300–400 pounds. The smallest pianos typically measure 58 inches in length and rise to a height of three feet. An upright piano requires at least four persons to move so you may need a moving company in Kansas City.
  • Horizontal soundboards are characteristic of grand pianos. It’s the priciest and biggest kind of piano available. Grand pianos can weigh over 1200 pounds, and concert grand pianos can span nine feet, though smaller models, known as baby grand pianos, are also available.

If you’re moving from or to the Kansas City area, you should definitely consider hiring a long distance moving company in Kansas City to help for this one. Grand pianos typically need to be disassembled before moving due to their size and shape, and professional piano moving equipment is required. Check out Century Van Lines  for more information. Moving a concert grand piano requires at least six movers, and moving a smaller grand requires at least four.

Your safety comes first.

Make sure you have enough invitees so that moving the piano won’t endanger anyone’s health. You must first determine the true weight of your piano in order to do that. Remember that your health is even more important than the value of the piano when you begin the moving process. Do not hesitate in hiring a long distance moving company in Kansas City if there are any risks.

The piano’s contents come second.

If your only piano at home is something you want to flaunt and you never really use it, you should definitely take a closer look at what’s inside. Furthermore, you should take care to keep the instrument in good shape even if you never play it. In this manner, you might be able to sell it later. The intricate mechanisms of a piano, which include its hammers, strings, keys, pedals, and more, make it an extremely delicate instrument that is easily damaged. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend how its weight is distributed and to maintain balance when moving it. Consider hiring a long distance moving company in Kansas City if you are concerned.

The surface of the piano.

Naturally, you don’t want the surface to get dented or scratched, but neither the piano’s musical performance nor anyone’s health can be seriously jeopardized. Having said that, look below for some advice on this specific matter.

Closed shoes, comfy, non-baggy clothing, and an accessory-free look are essential. Accessories present a significant risk when moving a piano. They might get tangled in the piano, which could cause major issues.

Prepare for the piano’s relocation.

It doesn’t work that way; you can’t just pick up your piano and load it onto the truck. Before you take any action, make sure you have a well-defined plan. It is imperative that you consider every potential roadblock in advance and provide assistance with precise instructions. The secret to anything you’re doing or trying to do is synchronization and communication so you may need a moving company in Kansas City.

Keeping your furniture safe

As with furniture protection, you also need some professional equipment. Two furniture dollies are included in the package to roll the piano wherever it is practical, as well as sturdy furniture straps for safer and easier lifting and carrying. Never attempt to roll a piano more than a few inches on its casters. Simply put, the piano’s weight won’t be as steady without furniture dollies.

Lastly, you’ll need to use moving straps and thick blankets to secure and shield the piano’s body. If at all possible, close and lock the lid; if not, secure it with a blanket taped over it. For added protection, you’ll need to stuff the lid with one more blanket. You’re now prepared to begin the actual piano moving procedure or consider hiring a long distance moving company in Kansas City if you are concerned.

long distance moving company in Kansas City

The simplest method for moving a piano

You may be regretting the fact that you made the bold decision to move a piano yourself. However, you may have to relocate immediately and if there are no professional movers in sight, here’s some advice.

The most important thing to consider is maintaining the piano’s balance (of course, following the health of you and your assistants). This is crucial to reduce the possibility of any interior damage. Each side of the piano should have one person holding onto it, and each side should also have a furniture dolly under it.

When that moment arrives, you should carefully roll the piano onto the moving vehicle. Again, if you have to climb or descend more than a few steps, think about getting a professional long distance moving company in Kansas City.

Never leave a piano inside of a truck that is empty or partially empty. It ought to be among the first things loaded, and as many boxes as possible should be placed around it. These are meant to maintain the instrument’s snugness and support. During the ride, the last thing you want is for your piano to start shifting around in the truck.

Therefore, list everything you need to move in advance and make sure to order the appropriate size truck. Ensuring the piano is securely fastened in the truck is essential!

Moving a piano to a new location

It’s not a good idea to roll the piano off the truck and then, worse still, start rolling it around before you even know where to put it. Therefore, you must plan ahead and decide where you will store it.

Once everything is finished, you must contact a piano tuner. Experts advise against doing so until after a month, though. You will have to start over when the appropriate time comes if you rush things.

It’s never easy to move, particularly when a piano is involved. Before making a decision, find out what kind of damage you might incur if you attempt to move your piano on your own without Century Van Lines expert assistance. You should also compare the cost of moving with a long distance moving company in Kansas City to your new home.

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