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Moving Company in Kansas City: 5 Packing Tips and Tricks

5 Packing Tips and Tricks from a Moving Company in Kansas City

Let the “Great Kansas City Moving Bonanza” begin! Imagine that you and all your possessions have been invited on an exciting journey to a new home. Doesn’t that sound like a good time? In fact, if you aren’t ready, it can feel more like a 3D version of Tetris.

Luckily, you’ve landed in the right place. We’re here to spill the beans, so to speak, and reveal some of the most closely guarded secrets of a premier Kansas City moving company. We have you covered, from how to pack like an early bird to how to perform magic with a vacuum bag.

Moving Company in Kansas City

First, our Kansas City moving company will examine why planning ahead is more beneficial than anything since sliced bread (or pre-packaged moving boxes). Next, we’ll look into how vacuum bags can be your best friend when you’re trying to organize a closet as large as that of a Hollywood actress.

Our Kansas City moving company will learn how to properly label things up next. Labels for containers, not clothing. It’s the equivalent of providing a GPS for your furniture’s journey to your new residence. Which brings us to the question: how do you calm your nerves around those priceless possessions? A moving company in Kansas City has got a strategy of bubble wrap that’s like a suit of armor.

Moving Company in Kansas City

Finally, we’ll discuss the humble list, the unsung hero of any relocation. Trust a moving company in Kansas City, it’s your golden ticket to a stress-free move.

Century Van Lines is Kansas City’s go-to relocation service, so buckle up, brew a pot of coffee, and get ready to feel like a moving master. After more than four decades in the business, we know how to make the chaos of moving seem like child’s play. Whether you’re moving across town or across state lines, we’re here to make your move smooth, efficient, and dare we say it, fun!


Moving can be both exciting and daunting, especially if you are relocating to a new residence in Kansas City. The key to making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible is thorough preparation. Packing the right items and organizing them correctly beforehand is essential. Here, we provide some top tips from a leading Kansas City moving company.

Moving Company in Kansas City

A Moving Company in Kansas City Says, Start Your Packing Early

This crucial step will help keep you organized and on track, avoiding any last-minute panicking or scrambling for materials. Make sure to start your packing process at least a couple of weeks ahead, ensuring that when the big day comes everything is under control.

Another tip is to focus on pre-packed boxes first; items like books, DVDs, CDs and photographs are easy to identify and can be quickly packed away into pre-prepared boxes. Leaving furniture until later helps keep them out of the way but still within sight to avoid accidental damage or breakage during loading/unloading stages of your move with a moving company in Kansas City.

A Moving Company in Kansas City Says, Utilize Vacuum Bags Where Possible

The beauty of vacuum bags is that they allow you to store up to five times as many clothes and accessories as traditional boxes and suitcases, – perfect for those carrying large volumes of clothing! Vacuum-sealed bags also protect sensitive fabrics from external weather forces better than other containers. Light rain won’t affect the quality of stored items if they’re properly packaged beforehand.


Moving Company in Kansas City

A Moving Company in Kansas City Says, to label everything clearly for Easier Unpacking

Labeling individual boxes according to their contents helps make unpacking quicker and easier following relocation with your Kansas City moving company (especially useful for more extensive moves). As well as noting what each labeled box contains, make sure to indicate its intended location once it arrives (e.g., ‘Bedroom’) – this will give you an overview of what goes where on arrival at your new residence without having to open every box individually first!

Moving Company in Kansas City

A Moving Company in Kansas City Says, Prioritize Fragile Items When Packing Up

Fragile objects such as dishes, electronics, glassware, etc., require their own special attention when packing up. Large bubble wrap should always be used for these particular items (for extra security), whilst towels can be used inside larger crates containing such delicate items in order to cushion any potential impact with other materials inside. Double-boxing these fragile items provides even further protection against breakages or damage during transportation with your Kansas City moving company!

Moving Company in Kansas City

A Moving Company in Kansas City  Says, Stay Organized With Lists During Packing Processes

It’s easy for smaller ‘bits & bobs’ get lost or misplaced ahead of a move, so creating a list early and detailing which rooms need packing help, ensures that no important item gets left behind during the whirlwind chaos leading up to a moving day(s). Keeping tabs on which item goes also saves time when unpacking later – who doesn’t want a stress-free move?

These are just a few basic tips from one of the most trusted Kansas City moving company More detailed advice specific for certain situations may vary, but following these guidelines should still set you in a good place when planning ahead for your next move!


Embarking on a move can feel like stepping into the unknown, but with Century Van Lines, a Kansas City moving company, you’re in safe hands. We bring over 40 years of experience to the table, and whether it’s a corporate or commercial moving company in Kansas City that you need, perhaps local or interstate, we’ve got the chops to make your transition smooth and stress-free.

Looking for a Kansas City long distance moving company? We’ve got that box checked! Need an interstate moving company in Kansas City? We’re already revving our engines. Our seasoned KC crew is ready to handle Kansas City moves of any size – from pianos to pool tables, and every little thing in between.

  Moving Company in Kansas City


Now to “move on” with the details. You’ll find our headquarters at 211 Marion St, Leavenworth, KS 66048. We’re right in the heart of America!

Are you a novice at moving and want an estimate of the cost of your move? Don’t be scared – give us a buzz at 913-651-3600 or drop us a line at [email protected]. Our Kansas City long distance moving company is here for you Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm (we take our beauty rest on weekends).

When it comes to settling the bill, Century Van Lines is as flexible as a KC professional mover lifting a grand piano. Century Van Lines accepts Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, purchase orders, and good old-fashioned cash. So, the next time you’re looking for a corporate moving company in Kansas City, remember Century Van Lines.

Our KC movers are always ready to roll!

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