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Moving Out with an Overland Park Moving Company: A 101 Guide for Beginners

Moving Out with an Overland Park Moving Company: A 101 Guide for Beginner–The most reputable local moving company in Overland Park is aware that moving out can be a difficult undertaking if you have never done it before. You’re probably going to be very confused and doubtful. You most likely have a lot of doubts. Do you need assistance from Overland Park’s top long distance moving company, Century Van Lines or are you moving locally? We can help with either.

Facing a multitude of challenges is common for individuals who have never experienced the process of moving houses before. The daunting task may leave one wondering about the starting point and the initial steps to take. From deciding on a moving date to organizing and packing belongings, there are various aspects to consider.

The top moving company in Overland Park is aware that you may not be entirely certain of the packing schedule or priorities, even if you are aware of the tasks that must be completed before you move out. Although it’s not fun, everyone has to move out of their first home at some point in their lives.

It will be simpler the next time around if you make it through your first house move without suffering any major injuries or expensive property damage. To assist you in making the move without any issues, we have put together a guide for those who are moving out for the first time.

Step 1: Before moving out, make a list of everything you need.
You should get ready for the impending move in plenty of time, regardless of whether you need the best local or long distance Overland Park moving company, Century Van Lines. Usually, you know what to do: pack your belongings, hire someone to move them, but how do you even begin?

Preparing for a move involves more than just packing. Drawing insights from their expertise, here’s a comprehensive moving checklist tailored for anyone looking to relocate, especially those seeking the services of a moving company in Overland Park:

    1. Research and Select a Moving Company: Start by researching moving companies in Overland Park. Look for reviews, services offered, and get quotes. Century Van Lines is a highly recommended choice for their professionalism and experience.
    2. Inventory Your Belongings: Take stock of what you own. Decide what will move with you and what might be sold, donated, or discarded.
    3. Gather Packing Supplies: Obtain boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers, and specialty containers for items like dishes and wardrobe.
    4. Start Packing Non-Essentials: Begin with items you won’t need immediately, such as out-of-season clothing, books, and decorative items.
    5. Label Boxes Clearly: Write the contents and designated room on each box. This will help both you and the movers know where every box belongs in your new home.
    6. Create a Personal Essentials Box: Pack a box or suitcase with items you’ll need right away at your new place, like toiletries, a change of clothes, and important documents.
    7. Notify Utility Companies: Schedule the disconnection of your current utilities and the connection of utilities at your new home.
    8. Change Your Address: Update your address with the post office, banks, employers, and other important institutions.
    9. Measure Furniture and Doorways: Ensure large pieces can fit through doorways and hallways in your new home. If not, determine if disassembly is required.
    10. Prepare Appliances: If you’re moving appliances, make sure they’re clean and disconnected properly.
    11. Plan for Pets and Plants: Make arrangements for moving pets and plants. A moving company in Overland Park may not transport them, so you may need to make special plans.
    12. Confirm Moving Day Details: A week before the move, confirm the date and time with your chosen Overland Park moving company, ensuring everything is scheduled correctly.
    13. Pack a Day-of-Move Kit: Include snacks, water, chargers, and any tools you might need for last-minute assembly or disassembly.
    14. Protect Valuable Items: Transport jewelry, legal documents, and other valuables yourself or use a secure shipping method.
    15. Final Walkthrough: Before leaving, do a final walkthrough of your old home to ensure nothing is left behind and all lights are off, windows are closed, and doors are locked.

By following this checklist from Century Van Lines, an esteemed moving company in Overland Park, you can navigate the complexities of moving with confidence, knowing every detail is accounted for. Remember, preparation is key to a successful move, and choosing the right professionals can make all the difference.

Overland Park Moving Company


Step 2: Part with belongings you no longer require
You should get rid of everything now since you don’t have much moving experience. Anything you are not using, get rid of it. It’s the perfect time to give. Relocating with everything you own is a mistake. Before moving day, reduce the amount you own.

  • Here are some reasons why:
  • Lower shipping costs result from fewer items to move.
  • Less stuff equals less packaging.
  • Less stuff means less time spent unpacking.
  • Easier to organize and decorate your new space with fewer belongings.
  • Minimizes the risk of damage during transport.
  • Simplifies the task of keeping track of inventory.
  • Encourages a fresh start in your new home.
  • Reduces the need for storage space in your new location.
  • Facilitates quicker settling into your new environment.
  • Promotes a clutter-free lifestyle, enhancing overall well-being.
    Overland Park Moving Company

Moving just a few items you enjoy and use frequently will make your move go much more smoothly. You should always ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” All Overland Park moving company experts agree that you do not really need an item if you have not used it in more than a year.

We covered the specifics of why it can be challenging to move for the first time so far. We discussed how a top local Overland Park moving company is aware that moving out can be a difficult task if you have never done it before.

In our first tip, which covered everything from hiring the best local moving company in Overland Park to turning on the utilities in your new home, we talked about creating a moving list like ours and making sure you checked everything off. We also talked about reducing the amount of stuff you planned to move and getting rid of stuff you didn’t need.
Finally, a few more moving out pointers to round out our beginner’s guide:

Step 3: Pack as much as you can on your own
You can pack for your big move even if you have no prior packing experience. Your most valuable items may sustain damage during the move if you are moving hundreds of miles away from where you are now and are employing Overland Park moving company. To make sure your belongings are packed correctly, it would be beneficial if you packed those most important items yourself.


Clothing and shoes are among the items you should have no trouble packing. But, there might be some items you should leave to the experts; give them a call if you have breakables, artwork, or kitchenware. They know how to pack things perfectly and have the necessary packing supplies. To have peace of mind, it is well worth the effort.

Step 4: Ask your friends for assistance when moving.
Even with the finest local moving company in Overland Park, you will still require some assistance from your friends. Once the movers have left and you are in your home, it would be helpful to have some muscle power to move items around. There are instances when multiple trips are required. Unpacking can be assisted by friends.
Having friends nearby to assist with your move has many benefits, such as:

  • Making wonderful memories and getting help in your new house
  • Adding a personal touch to your moving day with future favors and friends
  • Moving day is never enjoyable, but it’s more enjoyable with friends
  • Emotional support during the stress of moving day can be invaluable.
  • Having extra hands speeds up the unpacking and settling-in process.
  • Friends can help navigate the local area, suggesting essential services and amenities.
  • Shared meals or breaks during the move strengthen bonds and provide much-needed relaxation.
  • Friends with moving experience can offer useful tips and hacks.
  • It’s an opportunity to say proper goodbyes if you’re moving away from the area.


Step 5: Employ a Top Rated Overland Park Moving Company, Century Van Lines
The simplest way to move without a double is to let Century Van Lines Moving and Storage handle all of the stress for you. Remember that even people who have moved a lot before may find long-distance moves difficult. Choose Century Van Lines, the top long distance moving company in Overland Park. We provide specialized moving services to suit the requirements of every customer.

With a fleet of dependable vehicles and the most current tracking technology, our moving company in Overland Park keeps you up-to-date and in control throughout the entire move. Whether you’re relocating for a job, lifestyle change, or any other reason, Century Van Lines puts safety and timely delivery at the forefront.

We offer a variety of services, from meticulous packing of inventory to the secure transportation of commercial equipment. At Century Van Lines – a respected Overland Park Moving Company – we recognize that each business is unique, and our approach is customized to meet the specific needs of your commercial move. Our goal is clear: we want to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and stress-free move, allowing you to focus on your top priority – the health of your business.

Century Van Lines is your trusted commercial moving company in Overland Park, so let our experience pave the way for your business’s continued success. Contact us today to start planning your business’s next move, with the confidence that comes from partnering with an industry leader.

Our certified moving consultants are professionally trained to assist you with the planning of your move, whether it is your first or your thirty-first. Whether you are moving your family across the country, opening a new corporate office or just a new backyard. Century Van Lines is your go-to commercial moving partner as well in Overland Park, ensuring a seamless transition for your business. Reach out today to kickstart your next move with the assurance of working alongside a top industry expert.

Our expert consultants are equipped to support you in planning your move, whether it’s your initial venture or a seasoned change. Whether relocating your family cross-country, establishing a new corporate hub, or upgrading your backyard, we’ve got you covered. Trust Century Van Lines for a smooth and successful move every time.

Embarking on a move can feel like stepping into the unknown, but with Century Van Lines, a Kansas City moving company, you’re in safe hands. We bring over 40 years of experience to the table, and whether it’s a corporate or commercial moving company in Kansas City that you need, perhaps local or interstate, we’ve got the chops to make your transition smooth and stress-free.
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