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Quality Local Movers Leavenworth, KSThe challenges presented by your move depend on a number of different factors. Surprisingly, while the distance traveled is among them, a lack of it does not guarantee a worry-free relocation. Trust us; there’s rarely such thing as a simple move around the block. That’s why, even when you and your family are relocating within the same city, you’ll be glad you still chose to work with quality local movers like us here at Century Van Lines.

Working with Your Local Moving Company

You’ll quickly find that a number of variables help to determine the size and scope of your move. Aside from expected ones such as the distance you’re moving your items, as well as the volume of items making the move, these can include:

  • The number of vans and moving personnel needed
  • The proximity in which we can park our vans near your residence
  • The time needed to load and unload your items
  • The space needed to store your items
  • The amount of packing services and/or materials that you’ll need from us.

Other, more unique factors can include the crating of high-value items, ferry fees, parking barricades and possible third party charges. Whichever combination of these factors applies to your move, they can quickly result in an inordinate investment of time, resources and money (that is, unless you choose the right local moving and storage company to begin with).

What to Expect From Us

There’s a reason why we’re known as the best local movers in the industry. We take care of you from the moment you first contact us, right on through until we’ve placed the very last item in your new home. We’ll appoint a Relocation Specialist to help determine exactly what you’ll need and provide you with an estimate within 24 hours. Your Relocation Specialist will then work with your team of local movers to execute the transportation of your items to your new home. What more could you ask from your local moving company?

Why Wait Any Longer?

Even though your local move is sure to present you with challenges, that doesn’t mean that the move itself must be challenging. When working with us here at Century Van Lines, you’re getting more than just a quality local moving company; you get a partner in assuring that your relocation goes off without a hitch. So what are you waiting for? Contact us at 913-651-3600 to get that partnership started.

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