Preparing Your Move to Kansas City: What to Expect

Moving Company North Kansas City MOMoving to Kansas City can have its perks. This city has history, culture, and a growing community of the arts. So, as you’re getting ready to move to this big metropolis, you should know HOW to actually move here. The team at Century Van Lines decided we’d use this month’s blog post to discuss the act of moving to Kansas City; as that’s the first step to getting to know our city through and through.

Packing and Your Moving Team

When packing up your things, take into account that Kansas City is a huge and busy place. This means you need to be concise with your packing. For example, if you’ve got a lamp, it may even save you time if you actually pack the lamp in a box instead of moving it unpacked. The focus here is to get everything into your new place as quickly as possible, as streets are busy and it can clog up traffic if a moving truck is taking up a lane, so utilize boxes as much as you can.

In the same vein of a quick move in, have a team that works fast and efficiently. Choose someone who has a reputation of moving quickly with a great Better Business Bureau rating in the area.

When to Get Into Your New Place

Like we mentioned above, move quickly. In a highly populated neighborhood, a moving truck can be a nuisance if it stays longer than a few hours. If possible, try to move into your new place midday while most others are at work. This way, you’re ensuring that you won’t be blocking local traffic.

These tips are just the beginning. For more, contact the pros at Century Van Lines. We’re ready to help you move to Kansas City without a hitch.

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